Top Companies for Diversity and Inclusion in 2022

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Top Companies for Diversity and Inclusion in 2022

Top Companies for Diversity and Inclusion in 2022

Companies With the Best DE&I Programs

More companies are promoting workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion every year – and for a good reason. A recent Deloitte study found that diverse teams perform 80 percent better than their non-diverse counterparts. And according to Boston Consulting Group, diversity and inclusion companies generally achieve 19 percent higher revenue than their less inclusive peers.

But aside from greater profits and better team performance, the human element is just as important to consider. Employees deserve to be treated with respect and care. They should also feel comfortable and safe in the workplace. 

The AARP found that around 60 percent of adults older than 50 say they have faced age discrimination. A 2019 poll by Monster found a whopping 90 percent of people have been bullied at work.  

Before we get into the best companies for diversity and inclusion, let’s look at what employees gain from working at a DE&I-focused organization.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace

DE&I refers to the active programs and policies a company enacts to promote representation, acknowledgment, and participation of people of different backgrounds, races, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, ability, and religion. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, let’s look at how diversity, equity, and inclusion differ.

Diversity is the presence of difference. It typically refers to representing others across a spectrum of race, gender identity, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and others. 

Equity is about putting employees on equal footing. Companies can create fair access to opportunities and advancement by recognizing and minimizing the barriers some face in the workplace.

Inclusion creates the opportunity for team members and employees to feel a genuine sense of belonging and value within a workplace. 

Benefits of working at a diverse and inclusive company

The best companies for diversity and inclusion create a welcoming environment that leads to greater employee productivity and loyalty. They also benefit from multiple viewpoints and perspectives that bring innovative and creative solutions. Some additional benefits that diversity and inclusion companies experience include: 

Improved revenue: Employees who feel part of the company take pride in their work and give more discretionary effort. These great workplaces achieve higher revenue levels as a result. 

Access to quality talent: Widening the recruitment scope gives opportunities to individuals who otherwise would have been overlooked.

Higher employee engagement: A diverse and inclusive workplace can improve employee engagement. If team members feel respected and important, they feel a greater connection to the company.

Employees are less likely to leave: Diversity tactics also improve employee retention. Employees who feel valued and appreciated are more loyal and engaged. 

Now that we’ve explained the benefits of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, let’s explore some of the best diversity and inclusion companies.

Top companies for diversity and inclusion

Top Workplaces awards companies based on employee surveys that measure employee engagement and satisfaction. These ten companies exhibit the best DE&I practices and deserve recognition for their efforts and accomplishments. Learn more about these top companies for diversity and inclusion below and by checking out their company profiles.


Paycor uses its cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software to help companies manage their most valuable asset: their people. 

  • Industry: Payroll
  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • DE&I Highlights: Paycor supports and develops a “rich mosaic of diversity.” Its Perspectives+ initiative is an online resource that includes articles, templates, webinars, and practical tips to help others better implement DE&I in the organization.
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
    • 2021 Top Workplaces USA
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for DE&I Practices
    • 2020 The Enquirer Top Workplaces
    • 2019 The Enquirer Top Workplaces
    • 2018 The Enquirer Top Workplaces
    • See Paycor’s Top Workplaces awards
  • Company Profile: Paycor



KnowBe4 is an information security company that focuses on helping businesses and organizations fight the growing threat of social engineering. 

  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Location: Clearwater, FL
  • DE&I Highlights: KnowBe4 DEI programs include community outreach, employee resource groups, scholarships for underrepresented talent, and diversity hiring events.
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
    • 2021 Top Workplaces USA
    • 2021 Top Workplaces Technology Industry
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for DE&I Practices
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for Compensation
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for Values
    • See KnowBe4’s Top Workplaces awards
  • Company Profile: KnowBe4


Coalfire Systems

Coalfire Systems is an industry-leading cybersecurity firm that aims to make the world a better place by taking on the toughest cybersecurity issues its clients face.

  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Location: Westminster, CO
  • DE&I Highlights: Coalfire Systems programs include employee-led groups with special interests, ranging from fishing and motorcycles to encouraging women in cybersecurity and supporting parents of children with disabilities.
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
    • 2021 USA Top Workplaces
    • 2021 Top Workplaces Technology Industry
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for DE&I Practices
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for Compensation
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for Remote Work
    • See Coalfire Systems’ Top Workplaces awards
  • Company Profile: Coalfire Systems


Kastle Systems International

Kastle Systems is a leading provider of on-site security solutions for companies nationwide, including residential providers, global entities, governments, and educational facilities.

  • Industry: Security & Protection
  • Location: Falls Church, VA
  • DE&I Highlights: Kastle Systems offers field training available to all employees for professional development and uses a system where compensation is based on customer satisfaction.
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
  • Company Profile: Kastle Systems International


Northwest Federal Credit Union

Northwest Federal Credit Union has offered financial services and products to individuals and their families for over 70 years. 

  • Industry: Credit Union
  • Location: Herndon, VA
  • DE&I Highlights: Northwest’s Inclusion Champion Committee is comprised of employees who are passionate about DE&I and achieving specific objectives, encouraging workplace inclusion, and emphasizing accountability and sustainability for the organization. 
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
  • Company Profile: Northwest Federal Credit Union


Sovos Compliance

Sovos Compliance provides tax software solutions for companies worldwide. Their Sovos platform helps businesses in tax reporting, invoicing compliance, and tax determination.

  • Industry: Vertical Industry Software Products & Services
  • Location: Wilmington, MA
  • DE&I Highlights: Sovos promotes equitable policies and practices that empower team members to reach their full potential, fuel product innovation, and foster a workplace that advances our mission to Solve Tax for Good.
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
  • Company Profile: Sovos Compliance


The Village for Families & Children

The Village for Families & Children works to build strong and healthy families by providing behavioral health treatments and support to children and adults, ranging from substance abuse treatment to foster care and adoption.

  • Industry: Human and Social Services
  • Location: Hartford, CT
  • DEI Highlights: The Village’s mission is driven by diversity and anti-racism. They’ve pledged to use the power of their staff, policies, practices, and partnerships to fight against racial discrimination.
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
  • Company Profile: The Village for Families & Children



Aledade provides innovative solutions in the population health industry. They empower healthcare providers and patients by advancing America’s push towards value-based healthcare, where physicians and hospitals profit by keeping people healthy and costs down.

  • Industry: Vendor Serving Healthcare Industry
  • Location: Bethesda, MD
  • DEI Highlights: Aledade strives to end healthcare disparities by using the strengths of people with different backgrounds and perspectives.  
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
    • 2021 Top Workplaces USA
    • 2021 Top Workplaces Healthcare Industry
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for DE&I Practices
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for Compensation
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for Remote Work
    • See Aledade’s Top Workplaces awards
  • Company Profile: Aledade


GreenLight Biosciences

GreenLight Biosciences is a biotech leader that aims to solve humanity’s most significant problems using powerful RNA technology. These challenges include climate change, rare diseases, pandemics, and more.

  • Industry: Biotechnology
  • Location: Medford, MA
  • DEI Program Highlights: GreenLight Biosciences proactively tracks their diversity data and looks for areas where they can improve. They also boast stats such as 44% of their employees being women and 46% of their workforce identifying as non-White.
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
  • Company Profile: GreenLight Biosciences



LCS is a top provider of services and products for seniors. They handle operations management, marketing, and planning for assisted living, independent living, and memory care facilities across the nation. 

  • Industry: Senior Living
  • Location: Des Moines, IA
  • DEI Program Highlights: LCS was awarded the Top Workplaces for DE&I and Empowering Employees and described employees as “inclusive” and “collaborative.” 
  • Top Workplaces Awards: 
    • 2021 Top Workplaces USA
    • 2021 Top Workplaces Healthcare Industry
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for DE&I Practices
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for Empowering Employees
    • 2021 Top Workplaces for Innovation
    • See LCS’ Top Workplaces awards
  • Company Profile: LCS


Explore careers at the most diverse and inclusive companies

Now that you’ve seen the top picks for the best companies for diversity and inclusion, are you looking to find more businesses that Top Workplaces have recognized for their efforts? 

Learn about the Top Workplaces DE&I Practices national award to find career opportunities at one of the top companies for diversity that makes you feel welcomed, respected, valued, and included, regardless of background. 

Are you an employer whose company deserves recognition for its employee benefits? Nominate your organization for Top Workplaces, the program that offers awards in 60+ markets and national awards for culture and industry excellence.      



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