Accelerating Performance Through Diversity & Inclusion


Agility is an essential trait for breakthrough performance. Today’s successful leaders know when to take action, are able to anticipate and navigate changes, readily learn from experience and from others, and maintain focus in the face of challenges.

Agile Leader Potential (ALP) provides a measure of this high-value skill set. By quantifying a leader’s tendencies to be Agile, and providing feedback on skills in four contributing attributes, we at Heidrick support leaders in constructing a path to capitalize on personal strengths and address challenges.


Heidrick has a keen interest in the nature and causes of breakthrough performance. Our framework for extraordinary performance, called the META model, is built on significant research; and Agility is a critical piece of that performance model.

Our research tells us that Agile behaviors are linked to a person’s potential. ALP was developed to apply digital technology to well-established psychometric and cognitive measures of Potential, creating an engaging experience that measures characteristics that point to Agility. The attributes of Potential are defined as:

Thinking Dexterity – ability to solve complex problems, think logically, and develop effective solutions

Curiosity – tendency to seek new experiences, opportunities to learn, and alternative ways of thinking

Tenacity – tendency to strive for achievement, practice self-discipline, and maintain focus

Social Agility – tendency to effectively balance assertiveness and self-confidence, with empathy and warmth towards others


Through our research and practical experience of working with senior leaders around the world, we have identified four key Leadership Accelerators that differentiate the highest performing leaders. What enables these leaders to accelerate performance is their ability to Mobilize, Execute and Transform with Agility (META). As a result, the teams and organizations they lead are able to adapt and pivot faster than their competitors, driving competitive advantage in their marketplaces.