Are you in the process of hiring a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader?

Do you have to wear the hat of a “missing” Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, in addition to your own responsibilities?

Is your organization holding back on implementing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives, because there is no CDIO or Diversity Department?

Why Unstoppable Interim Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Services?

  • Our Interim CDIO services support Leaders in HR/ERG/Leadership Development/Talent Development/Learning & Development/Operations and other departments with all and any necessary DE&I services & solutions.
  • Your company can initiate and continue to implement DE&I audit/assessment/strategy/implementation, while you wait to go through the hiring process of the right CDIO, starting from allocating a budget to making the decision to hire, to advertising, going through the recruitment process, onboarding etc.
  • Executive Leadership Team including HR, Employee Benefits, Learning Development, Talent Development, department heads as well as ERG leaders etc. can focus on their respective priorities instead of having to take on additional responsibilities in the DE&I space.
  • If you decide to continue with our Interim CDIO services instead of hiring a full time DE&I Senior Executive, you will fulfill on most priority and vital DE&I initiatives at less than a fraction of what it may cost to hire a full-time senior leader.
  • The money that the company saves can be allocated to the DE&I budget and initiatives.
  • If you are having to take care of the DE&I responsibilities, then you can use your time on other priority projects as well as not have to rush through the hiring process to find the right fit, as DE&I initiatives continue to get implemented.
  • Instead of ONLY One Expert, you will have the benefit of an entire eco-system of proven, credible, industry experts & DEI thought leaders who have been there and done that.
  • You get subject matter experts as liaison between the Office of DEI and the department heads by consulting on key initiatives and solving business-specific needs in alignment with enterprise strategies and priorities.
  • Our CDIOs are change agents and will help to evolve the DEI support and guidance you provide to business partners – helping you move faster and more effective as you strengthen your DEI capabilities as an organization.
  • Our CDIO service will support the business unit’s efforts in the global DEI space. With business leaders, DEI office (if one exists), and talent teams – establish market by market plans that are appropriate by country/multi-country market (MCM) and connect to the larger enterprise DEI framework