The phrase, “White Men as Full Diversity Partners” holds shock value, and speaks to one of the areas we specialize in. 

At Unstoppable Performance Leaders (UPL) we view dominant leaders, otherwise known as “insiders,” as part of the EDIJ solution, rather than the problem. We all know that in North America the white male represents the insider group. We intentionally include this group of folks who are rarely part of the conversation, yet typically hold all the power — the “dominant leadership culture,” which is white males in the U.S. and, are key to driving organizational change. When companies engage white males alongside their peers from diverse backgrounds, marginalized groups are freed from the exhausting work of coaching white men to understand their world. 

Most white men want to help and sometimes just do not know how. True organizational change occurs when workers from all backgrounds transform into leaders. 

Traditional approaches see EDIJ through a limited lens that is strictly rational — viewing it as trainings to complete and statistics to achieve. Unstoppable’s way understands that Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice is an essential part of leadership development achieved through experiential learning. This interactive and engaging approach provides a shift in thoughts, feelings, and mindsets, leading to changes in behaviour and improved workplace retention and morale. 

Our Chief EDIJ Consultant in this space Jim Morris, is also the Chief Consulting Officer at WMFDP Global ( brand leader of engaging insiders in conversations at companies like Procter & Gamble, Levi Strauss & Co. Amazon, Nike, Kellogg, Bechtel, Nasdaq, McCain, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Equifax, Facebook, Novartis, Geico, NHL etc.)

Jim brings to UPL the entire WMFDP team with their combined years of experience, credibility & specialization. He directs and supports the team of consultants and facilitators, as they deliver one-of-a-kind world-class services to Unstoppable Performance Leader (UPL) clients, globally. Jim is responsible for the integrity and excellence of program delivery, curriculum development and innovation, and instructional design of WMFDP’s programs. Jim has been an adjunct faculty at Duke Leadership and Training Associates, Virginia Tech, The Executive Forum and The American Leadership Forum. He is the author of The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders, a book that teaches how to develop leadership traits, to uncover and enhance them in others and to inspire others to change the world.