Meet Our Difference Makers


Rob Salafia

Boston, MA

Rob Salafia is an authority on executive presence and transformational learning. He combines two decades of experience as a top leadership development executive with a well-established career in the performing arts. He has a passion for coaching leaders to develop their presence, tell compelling stories and establish authentic connections. He assists leaders to build emotional and narrative intelligence and share vision and strategy in a compelling and relevant way. He is the author of – Leading From Your Best Self: Develop Your Executive Poise, Presence and Influence to Maximize Your Potential (McGraw-Hill).

As an executive coach, Rob finds great satisfaction in guiding leaders through transitions to more senior roles, as well as coaching senior executives and leadership teams to enhance team effectiveness and prepare for strategic presentations. What’s unique about Rob is that for the first half of his career he was a performing artist where he traveled the globe delivering his unique, one-person variety show. He now utilizes these experiences and unique skill sets in his learning and coaching practice. Rob is a lecturer in MIT Sloan School of Management and an MIT Leadership Center Master Executive Coach. He is adept at using MIT’s 4 Cap Model as a 360-degree instrument.