Meet Our Diversity, inclusion, Equity and Belonging Leaders


Lisa Adams

As a diversity, equity, an inclusion (DEI) consultant, she optimize business impact by building and implementing effective diversity and inclusion programs and policies. She does this by developing DEI training frameworks, recruitment strategies and employee development programs.

At California Teachers Association (CTA) I updated an obsolete unconscious bias training structure by including skills and action-based tools and adding a new component on microaggression. As one of the pioneering implicit bias trainers at CTA, she also leveraged my DEI expertise to help eliminate workplace bias by conducting webinars and multi-day training sessions for employees and clients.

Another key ingredient for her success has been developing robust recruitment pipelines to attract diverse talent. As part of the CTA recruitment committee, she approached a previously untapped client base by strategizing an innovative recruitment campaign using industry-specific promotional content and presentations.

Additionally, to help underrepresented clients capitalize on leadership opportunities and boost engagement, she introduced multiple new user support initiatives at CTA. For this purpose, she participated in the Ethnic Minority Early Identification and Development Program, where I mentored and supported several clients on their rights, responsibilities, and industry-specific skills during a 2-year cycle.