Meet Our Difference Makers

LeeAnn Mallorie

LeeAnn Mallorie, MA, MAPP, is the founder of Guts & Grace Women’s Leadership and sister firm Leading in Motion. LeeAnn began her career as an executive coach in 2005, working with leaders and teams from around the globe, including brands like Nasa, Mattel, Logitech, Capital One, the Ford Foundation and the Naval Air Systems Command. Yet she consistently found something was missing—the body. After ten years and tens of thousands of hours of personal practice, she discovered four keys that form the foundation of a new paradigm of full-bodied leadership. 


Today LeeAnn uses the tools of mindfulness and positive psychology to help mission-driven leaders tap into the wisdom of their bodies and recover lost superpowers, in order to lead with greater purpose, power, resilience and impact. Her new book Guts & Grace: A Woman’s Guide to Full Bodied Leadership (Conscious Capitalism Press) is available in January 2020.