Meet Our Diversity, inclusion, Equity and Belonging Leaders

Kia Ervin Williams

Kia has a deep passion for racial justice that has driven my career as a social change agent whether working on major brand campaigns or launching initiatives for foundations. As the president of Relevant Solutions Group (RSG) and a trusted coach to thought leaders, I help responsibly integrate racially equitable practices into the fabric of their brand, philanthropy and leadership culture.RSG serves as a full-service agency that helps influencers, businesses and private foundations use their platform and resources for good. Our services allow clients to keep working in their primary industry while weaving racial equity into their culture and platform.


Business leaders are familiar with the concept of a carbon footprint – a broad measure of the actions of an individual, a family, an event, an organization, or even an entire nation on the environment. Similarly, we all have a cultural footprint. Through our brand, business, wealth, family, etc. we either add to or detract from equitable practices that impact the lives of marginalized groups of people and communities.The Cultural Footprint ™ tool explores a nonpartisan, fact-based survey of history to modern-day and how it impacts industries such as education, healthcare, real estate, philanthropy, criminal justice, etc. Leaders walk away with a fully customized assessment of their (personal or organizational) footprint and how their values and approach impact their life, work, and overall brand.For many of us, it feels like racial tensions are reaching a pinnacle. But as a result, empathetic and contemplative conversations are also happening more than many of us have ever experienced. Leaders don’t have to navigate this space alone, especially given the pressure of having a large platform and the desire to use it responsibly.I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Communications from North Carolina A&T State University and began my career in public relations for NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program. After many successful years in the corporate sector, I desired a deeper sense of intrinsic value in my work, so I obtained a master’s degree in counseling and then pursued a graduate certification in Nonprofit Management from Harvard University.I love spending time at the beach, traveling with my loved ones, and long conversations with friends over a good meal and wine. I am a native of the Washington, DC area but currently reside near Dallas, Texas with my husband Keith and our dog Claire Huxtable.