Meet Our Diversity, inclusion, Equity and Belonging Leaders

Karen Curry

Karen Curry and her associates is an outgrowth of 15 years of professional experience working with discrimination, fair housing, and complex communications issues.

In 2002, she stepped away from the vice-presidency of a proprietary college to begin The 911 Project, a non-profit engaging at-risk youth in Sarasota, Florida. In 2006, I was recruited by a HUD official to become a Resident Services Director for a troubled housing authority in HUD receivership. In this role, she had the privilege of representing the residents’ interests in sometimes tense discussions with police, authority administration, developers, and local government. She implemented the authority’s first door to door resident survey and facilitated difficult conversations about an upcoming development project that would displace residents from their homes. I also successfully procured government and local funding to establish wrap-around support programs and establish an award-winning on-site daycare.


In 2012, she accepted a position as a Fair Housing Program Manager at an Orlando non-profit law firm. She managed a HUD grant that identified violations of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. We aggressively pursued housing equality and provided relief from mortgage rescue scams that were pervasive after the 2008 housing crisis. The grant also provided for fair housing training which I traveled to provide for communities, government agencies, and churches.

At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (2013 – 2020), she served in two specialized areas. As a Communications Analyst, she coached NASA executives in preparation for speaking engagements and interviews. In strategic planning, she helped the NASA Deep Space Logistics program develop a strategic roadmap for mission success. in my role as a consultant she was awarded a contract to return and work closely with senior leaders facilitating complex conversation and developing strategic action around becoming a more anti-racist workplace.

She is the self-published author of four books. My latest publication is an anti-racist work called Standing on the Precipice: A Prophetic Prayer for Black America published in July 2020.

She was originally from East Mims, Florida. In addition to being an ordained minister, I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Florida A&M University and a Master of Arts Degree in Communications Management with a concentration in Business Administration from Webster University.