Meet Our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice Leaders


Dr. Valaida Wise 

Dr. Valaida Wise Consulting, LLC was created to support organizations, large and small, as they navigate the complex but important work of equity, diversity and inclusion. We believe this work is vital in that it can lead to both greater long-term corporate profitability and a more prosperous, equitable, and ultimately a more sustainable society. We envision a world in which race, ethnicity, and income no longer predict opportunities for anyone.  In an effort to achieve these goals the firm focuses on the issues of equity, diversity and inclusion as well as leadership and governance.

Dr. Wise has more than 20 years of experience in leadership positions, running multimillion-dollar nonprofit corporations and is intimately aware of the everyday challenges and constraints leaders face. She knows what it takes to align human resources with the mission of the organization. She also recognizes that the most powerful plan is one that is co-created so she works to gather input from the entire organization in creating a plan that is the combination of voices. 

Dr. Wise has been a faculty member for five years at Johns Hopkins University where she teaches diversity, equity and inclusion in the graduate program. Her research efforts have focused on the successful implementation of an equity lens in the workplace. Continuous research informs her expertise and refines her approach. As a result, she delivers a high-quality, research-based product.  Dr. Wise and associates would be delighted to support your organization as it works toward implementing an equity lens to its company.