Culture Shaping

Why Culture Matters More Than Ever

Our exclusive focus on culture, more than 40 years of experience, our approach, and the results our clients experience set us apart from other management consulting firms. Our unique distinctive competence is creating deep and lasting change in leaders, teams and organizations. Our strength is our proven track record of successfully aligning senior teams and engaging entire organizations to create thriving, high-performance cultures.

Globally scalable, repeatable and measurable, our proprietary process is different than traditional change management or leadership development approaches that companies often label culture change. We use an insight-based approach to “unfreeze” old habits, shift mind-sets and connect leaders to healthy, high-performance behaviors. We do this using proprietary team-based “insight” learning leadership workshops customized for clients and reinforced through coaching, and a host of other ways to make it lasting and results producing.

We have all of the capabilities needed to partner with companies on a comprehensive culture-shaping program customized to their needs. We have worked in more than 50 countries around the world and are able to deliver our work in ten languages.

Recent client impact includes a 3X increase in Hiring Success at Top Universities for a Professional Services Firm, 45% increase in revenues at a Financial Services Firm, and a 93% employee satisfaction at a Large Hospital system.

Our Approach

How we shift an organization's culture.

Purposeful Leadership

Leaders must connect to strategic business priorities and outcomes, then authentically message, lead and role model a compelling purpose for the shift.

Personal Change

Leaders must leverage their "shadow" by addressing blind spots and changing personal behavior to effectively lead diverse talent.

Broad Engagement

Leaders must quickly engage the organization in a leader-lead process for a higher probability of belonging in their teams.

Systemic Alignment

At every level, align institutional practices, performance drivers, and capabilities to remove inadvertent systemic preference and biases.

The Unstoppable Performance Leaders Difference

Our firm’s heritage in executive search and human capital combines with cutting edge research in organizational performance to make us a trusted global advisor on talent and culture.

Our Culture Shaping Offerings